Mediation: Cost effective conflict resolution

Mediation helps people in conflict find their own lasting solutions in a cost effective way.

Brisbane Mediations has a large team of professional mediators and conflict coaches committed to helping individuals, groups and businesses resolve outstanding issues in a non-threatening manner.

Our clients can choose to engage a single mediator or two (or more) co-mediators, the latter providing the advantage of both genders and/or a mix of professional backgrounds to address any issue with expertise and sensitivity. We are also equipped and trained to provide conflict coaching. Our overall approach is collaborative not adversarial.

Brisbane Mediations mediators and coaches are highly experienced and diversely trained. We are competent to handle all interpersonal and interorganisational conflict, including: parenting and/or property issues after separation; workplace conflict; concerns about bullying in a wide range of contexts; estate and elder care disputes; conflict in the education sector; and the full gamut of commercial disputes.

In addition, our independent advisers can recommend outcomes if requested. For instance: children's views can be heard indirectly and feedback provided to parents by engaging one of our psychologist or social scientist child consultants in a child inclusive mediation process; one of our independent financial advisers can recommend a considered financial resolution based on the facts as supplied by both parties; an expert in estate and elder law can be engaged to provide advice if requested by bereaved or distressed family members in dispute; or we can access one of our expert commercial law advisers.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and arrange times to suit the convenience of our clients.

Our modern mediation rooms provide a relaxed setting in which to achieve quality, personalised outcomes.

We have the experience and qualifications to mediate any issue without the need for parties to bring lawyers along. We do, however, welcome and value legal representatives attending to provide support and advice to parties during mediation should this be the clients' preference.

We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives. If engaged, we will strive to do the same for you or your clients.

In conflict? Contact Brisbane Mediations first.

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  • My client considered the process was beneficial as the parties had taken intractable positions for some time and the environment within which the mediation was conducted resulted in agreement being reached.
    Bruce Affleck - Affleck Lawton Lawyers

  • Sandwiches are a great touch! We also appreciate that use of computer facilities when we don't have our own. Thank you.
    Ashleigh Halloran- Caboolture Law

  • My experience with Brisbane Mediations  was very pleasant even though it was a difficult time. The staff were professional, respectful and showed empathy to my cause and every effort was made to ensure a difficult period was made easier. I have no hesitation in recommending them for a mediation service

  • I would just like to thank Mike for his patience and skill on the day. There were some hairy moments that he handled very well.

  • Its great working with proactive mediators who handle both clients and lawyers.

  • Gary and Janet were very professional and I was pleased with the experience.

  • Your assistance at the mediation was much appreciated and I am sure the matter would not have resolved without your help. We look forward to using your services again.
    Janeen- Smithson Solicitors

  • Both Alex and I were happy and impressed with the level of service. The facilities were comfortable and the receptionist friendly and helpful. We were offered refreshments and provided with some sandwiches during the lunch break.
    Joelene- Wynn Lawyers

  • Thankyou for your help in regards to our parenting arrangements.

  • I found the service from Mike to be great, very friendly and to the point. For me resolution at the end of the day was a main priority and that was acheived which I am very grateful for. I was at breaking point and suffering from depression. I don't know what I would've done if an agreement wasn't reached so thank you very much from myself and my family.

  • Just recently we had to go back to mediation for resolution of some family dispute matters. Brisbane Mediations  were excellent in organising our consultation and answering all my questions prior to mediation and followed it up with a good amount of written material. Their friendly staff and well set out rooms made it comfortable in a stressful situation. Fran Conway was absolutely marvellous and made me feel relaxed and she guided us through some very sticky situations. She guided us to making our own decisions and allowed us to resolve our issues quite quickly. It is a stressful situation to be in but the team at Brisbane Mediations  made the whole process to flow smoothly. I feel I left a lot less stressed and confident that our issues were solved or at least we had some tools to resolve them in the future ourselves. Thank you to Fran, Joanne and the team at Brisbane Mediations .

  • After a very drawn out and lengthy separation which involved a lot of heartache it was a huge relief to have out property matter settled out of court. The Mediator that was on our case, 'Michael', was a lovely gentlemen and easy to talk to and not judgemental. For my ex-husband and myself we can now put our differences behind us (which were purely financial) and now focus on co-parenting our wonderful children that we have together. I would recommend Brisbane Mediations  to anyone who requires such matters resolved.

  • Can I just say full kudos to Mike for reconciling the irreconcilable. Neither solicitor had any confidence that the matter would resolve, and I doubt that it would have without Mike's expert hand gently guiding things along. Many thanks for what was a very successful day against all odds!
    Shelley- Bridge Brideaux Solicitors

  • Mike offered an excellent service I will be using Brisbane Mediations  again. Many thanks for your help on the day.
    Stacey- Crowley Greenhalgh Solicitors

  • I liked the fact that we were able to use your computer/printer to do the documents.

  • Not sure how Mike managed to get the parties to the stage he did (do you have a baseball bat behind the door or is it your natural charm?) , but thank you for your fine effort.
    Trent- Carne Reidy Herd Lawyers

  • We are pleased to use a mediation service that provides a good service and finally get a resolution at mediation.
    Tia- Pearson & Associates Solicitors

  • Flowers delivered to our office had a card attached stating "Denise and Joanne, you work hard for your bread and butter! Thank you for all your help over the last few months. We really appreciate it!

  • Please pass on my thanks to Mike. Look forward to working with you guys again.
    Deano Simonidis - Simonidis Steel Lawyers

  • Recently your service was utilised in my family matter, I wish to thank all Brisbane Mediations  staff for their professional assistance, for those not sure of engaging their services I would like to affirm that Brisbane Mediations  facilitated our matter in a fair and swift manner. Denise was exceptional in a very stressful situation and my profound thanks for all assistance and obtaining a fair result.

  • Hi Michael - we were very happy with the service provided, as was our client, and we will certainly be both retaining you again and recommending you to others.
    Ben Hall - Legal Practitioner

  • I cannot speak highly enough of how the mediation progressed. Mike managed the parties very well and the sandwiches were just most appreciated as they allowed everyone to continue the negotiations while making sure they were nourished and capable of focusing on the mediation. I also have to thank you for assisting type up the changes to the draft so it could be signed.
    Simone Barbour - Anthony Black Family Law Services

  • On behalf of myself and my brother, we would like to express our thanks for your professionalism and conduct during the mediation. Although I was not there for most of the dealings, it was nice to see your genuine interest and concern in the matter and I am very appreciative of the way in which everything was handled.

  • The mediation today was handled professionally and respectfully, Sue was clear and methodical, and I would describe her approach as precise and respectful of both views. My thanks to Sue, and Brisbane Mediations .
    Dallas Johnson